The Apprentice star booted out first feels ‘honoured’ to attend King’s Coronation



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The Apprentice 2022 contestant Harry Mahmood has received an invite to the King’s Coronation and feels ‘honoured’ to attend the royal service at Westminster Abbey

The Apprentice 2022

Entrepreneur Harry Mahmood was a contestant on The Apprentice Series 16 last year (

Image: PA)

Harry Mahmood was fired first by Lord Sugar on BBC’s The Apprentice last year, and now he’s set to attend the King’s Coronation alongside foreign monarchs.

The businessman is one of 450 British Empire Medallist (BEM) recipients invited by King Charles III to watch the service from inside Westminster Abbey on May 6.

It is estimated that 2,000 guests will attend in total, including over 850 community and charity representatives, and 400 young people who will have a “special private viewing” in St. Margaret’s Church.

Speaking to the Mirror about his excitement, Harry said: “It’s an honour to be a part of the small group of people who will witness history inside Westminster Abbey.

Harry is excited to attend the service inside Westminster Abbey with other BEM recipients (



He has received an invitation from King Charles III to join the Coronation celebrations on May 6 (



“I am excited to experience everything from the start of the service to the end and see who I will meet there.

“It’s funny that I’ve gone from The Apprentice with Lord Sugar to Buckingham Palace and now to Westminster Abbey.

“It just goes to show you that in life, it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.”

The 39-year-old was delighted to open the invitation from the King but wasn’t surprised, having already visited the royal grounds.

“I received a BEM from the late Queen in 2021 and I was invited to a garden party at Buckingham Palace,” Harry explained.

“I have supported my local community a lot. During Covid, I delivered parcels and medication to the elderly, disabled and homeless, and I tutored students from home.”

Harry aids charities Haven’s Hospice and Noah’s Rainbow to support families and raise awareness for campaigns close to his heart.

Harry was previously awarded a BEM from Her Majesty and visited Buckingham Palace (



Harry, from Wolverhampton, was booted out of The Apprentice Series 16 boardroom in episode one for being “disruptive”.

The entrepreneur went on the BBC show with a bath bomb idea, but has since ventured into space technology alongside a team that works closely with Jeff Bezos.

Over the last year, Harry has come to the realisation that he doesn’t need Lord Sugar to become a business mogul and no longer seeks his validation.

“I definitely wouldn’t be Lord Sugar’s business partner now if the opportunity came up. I think the only thing the show is good for is exposure,” Harry said in a previous Mirror interview.

“He is a great no-nonsense mentor and tells you straight as it is, but you can raise £250,000 investment without him.

“I’ve got established awards, I’ve received honours from the Queen and I don’t rely on other people’s validation in life.”

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