The Apprentice's Alan Sugar went on 'ballistic psychotic rant', claims Mark Wright




Former Apprentice star Mark Wright has claimed businessman Alan Sugar took off like a rocket during filming for the show leaving everybody completely speechless

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The Apprentice's Mark Wright on Alan Sugar's 'power move'

The Apprentice star Mark Wright has claimed that Lord Alan Sugar "went completely psycho" leaving everybody around him stunned.

Mark who won series 10 of the show back in 2014 recently sold the company that he launched with Lord Sugar for a whopping £10million, less than a decade after appearing on the BBC reality programme.

Now, the businessman has dished his true thoughts on his former business partner, claiming that the Amstrad founder is like a "grenade" and nothing is off limits.

Mark opened up, explaining that his fellow contestants were "trembling" during their initial boardroom interaction before people became more comfortable.

The Apprentice winner Mark Wright has addressed his time on the programme (


Exclusive/On a Mission)
Mark explained that contestants were often "trembling" (


Exclusive/On a Mission)

He said: "One day out of the blue he [Alan] just went ballistic for no reason.

"He just went completely psycho, and he walked out of the boardroom and left everyone in there - the film crew, production, Karen and Nick and all the contestants and left us there for 25 minutes."

Speaking on the On A Mission podcast, exclusively shared with the Mirror, Mark continued: " He just did a psycho rant and left the room and then he came back in, and I was like 'that was magic,' he just gained back control of the environment like that!

"I absolutely loved it and he's the master of the power move!"

Mark who starred alongside James Hill continued: "Being in business with Alan Sugar is like sitting in a boardroom with a hand grenade where someone's let the pin out.

Mark claims Lord Sugar went 'ballistic' for 'no reason' (


Mark won the show in 2014 (



"It's fascinating... it's like being in a room with like a sort of wild dog - you know at some point it’s just going to go berserk."

But while others may have been intimidated, Australian Mark was left in awe of the billionaire, explaining: "I was like 'this is the best mentoring ever', other people are like 'this is savage bullying'.

"It's amazing because what I learnt from him, money can't buy, he's being so ruthless on me because he's trying to demonstrate where I need to go.

"Other people say 'he's hurting my feelings and I'm taking him to the employment tribunal.'"

However, he stated that if Lord Sugar doesn't agree with something that is said in a meeting, "items can leave the desk"

Lord Sugar previously praised Mark, saying: "A young boy comes from Australia, skint, totally skint. He sees an advert on BBC to enter into The Apprentice programme.

"He then goes on and wins it and he wins a partnership with me of £250,000 and from acorns, big oak trees have grown and this young lad who came with no money is now going back to Australia with millions."

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