The Repair Shop's Jay Blades praises 'very brave' guest over heart-wrenching restoration



The Repair Shop's Jay Blades has shared his admiration for a "brave" family who entrusted the experts with the ceramic footprint of a beloved baby boy.

Jay and expert Kirsten Ramsay appeared on The One Show, where they spoke about the new series of the popular show, which began last month.

When asked by hosts Jermaine Jenas and Emma Willis about his favourite restoration, Jay couldn't pick, but spoke about a moving episode, in which a guest brings in a ceramic footprint of their late son David, which needs restoring.

When asked which restorations have stood out for him, the TV star replied: "It's really hard to say that.

Jay Blades and ceramics expert Kristen Ramsay on The One Show
Jay Blades and ceramics expert Kristen Ramsay on The One Show ( BBC)

"Like if you've got more than one child, if you were able to say 'well, that's my favourite'. I can never do that."

He went on: "You can't say you've got a favourite because every story, every item is just unique and it's absolutely magical."

In a clip shown from an upcoming episode, ceramics expert Kirsten commented to Jay how "incredibly brave" it was for the couple to leave the footprint with her.

"I hope that they will be pleased with the work that I've carried out for them," she said.

Kirsten repairs a ceramic footprint
Kirsten repairs a ceramic footprint ( BBC)

As the camera returned to the live studio, Jermaine said: "That's exactly what I am talking about...those emotional moments in the series.

"They're more than possessions aren't they, Jay?"

Jay agreed, saying: "I class them as family members, because the memories wrapped up in these kinds of precious items they've got, as soon as you give them back to them and they're repaired, everybody just resorts back to remembering the family member or someone that they've lost.

"And David's footprints there, that was very brave of the family to come in and speak about what happened.

"And then entrust in Kirsten to actually work on them, it's a very powerful show."

"I mean, you guys see it, but it's when you're there, it's unbelievable."

A guest was overcome with emotion in an episode last month when a painting that she said is her only "tangible" connection to her Ukrainian family was restored.

Maria Kirk, 74, had brought along a painting of Madonna and Child which was discoloured and creased. Maria said it had been in her family for generations, and belonged to her late grandfather, who was from Ukraine.

Maria Kirk was overcome with joy when a family painting was restored
Maria Kirk was overcome with joy when a family painting was restored ( BBC)

She described how her mother, grandmother and aunt fled from Ukraine upon the outbreak of the Second World War, escaping the Russians and the Germans, taking the painting with them, stitched in a coat.

Maria said it was the only thing they took with them, before continuing: "[They were later] captured by the Germans and sent to a labour camp. My grandmother died in the camp."

Maria said she was later given the painting by her aunt. She heartbreakingly said about the artwork: "This is all I've got. I haven't got any other tangible proof that they even existed."

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