Will there be another series of Grace? Cast on ITV crime drama’s future



“So there’s those people and there’s people who come to the show new and fresh and their fans of crime dramas or fans of whatever.

“When you bring that together, it’s a good thing. It’s like you’re in a win-win situation especially if the product is good.

“That’s why we’re in this situation where we’ve had so many viewers watching more than an episode of Peaky Blinders. It just feels all the components are fitting nicely at the minute. Long may it continue.”

Addressing the appeal of Grace and crime dramas generally, Campbell said: “It’s like getting into people’s psyche and trying to understand why people do things and if you can do that from the comfort of your home, it’s quite nice, it’s almost like voyeurism.

“You’re trying to understand a puzzle, you’re trying to fix it and there’s a gratification of ‘I fixed it’ alongside the detectives or whoever’s there.”

Grace airs on ITV1 and ITV tonight at 8pm

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