BBC Breakfast backlash as viewers already 'sick to death' of Eurovision coverage

The Eurovision Song Contest 2023 semi-final will be held tonight and it was the hot topic of conversation on BBC Breakfast.

Jon Kay shared his excitement with his co-star Sally Nugent, admitting he was going to watch the semi-final.

The duo also spoke with their colleague, Colin Patterson, who was in Liverpool to give viewers all the latest Eurovision updates.

However, the segment left viewers divided as while some were loving the coverage, others said they were "sick" of it already.

Introducing the segment, Jon began: "You might have heard, the wait is over. The first of the semi-finals for Eurovision takes place tonight in Liverpool.

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"And it's fair to say the city, all of us...the whole country is buzzing,"

"Most people are," Sally chipped in. "Definitely our entertainment correspondent Colin Patterson, who's at the Liverpool Arena for us this morning.

"Colin, we know you've got a very special guest on the way, but first of all, in that fabulous gold jacket, just talk us through what's going to happen tonight."

Colin replied: "Tonight it is the first semi-final here at the Liverpool Arena. That is the stage where it will all be taking place. It is absolutely huge.

"15 countries competing for the 10 places in the final from this semi-final and there is so much interest because what we have are some of the most fancy songs in the competition.

"Many people say the winner of the whole thing could come from tonight's semi-final, the likes of Loreen from Sweden, a former winner in 2012."

Taking to social media to share their thoughts about BBC Breakfast's Eurovision coverage, user @RichardS_53 complained: "Sick to death of the Eurovision coverage. #BBCBreakfast."

@PolygoniaSpec shared: "Eurob*****s can just do one. Overblown c**p! #BBCBreakfast." (sic)

While @r0bwfoster asked: "Does anyone know when Eurovision is on? The BBC have barely mentioned it... #BBCBreakfast."

@KennyCraig99 fumed: "SECOND f***ing Eurovision piece in half an hour on @BBCBreakfast."

"GREAT!... NOW GIVE IT A REST!" @lesdouglass pleaded.

@BoiledBacon went on to say: "I won't be watching it. #Eurovision2023 #BBCBreakfast."

Stepping in to defend its coverage, @dylan6roberts shared: "Just for balance on this hashtag Genuinely looking forward to Eurovision final."

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.

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