Dr Shola wasn't having it as Jeremy Vine show host struggles to pronounce her name

During the Channel 5 daytime show, presenter Dawn Neesom tried to introduce her upcoming guest before things took a turn.

It was Dr Shola’s surname that seemed to trip the Jeremy Vine stand-in up during the introductions, and she quickly became flustered.

Although she tried to continue with the segment and brush past the pronunciation issue, Dr Shola wouldn’t let her get away with it and refused to carry on until she said it right.

Welcoming Dr Shola onto the show, Dawn told viewers: “I'm absolutely thrilled to be joined by lawyer Dr Shola- how do I pronounce your last name, Shola?"

The guest politely told her to read her surname again to give it an attempt.

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Trying to sound it out unsuccessfully, Dr Shola swiped: “So this is terrible, especially for a presenter-"

Interrupting, Dawn said: “I know it’s terrible.”

Wanting the host to get it right, Dr Shola calmly told her to go back and give her surname another go.

She said: "Go back and start again. Phonetically."

Trying again, the host was still struggling despite breaking down her last name with Dr Shola making her do it yet another time.

Clearly feeling awkward at the error, Dawn begged: “Oh, come on, I got the Shola right!"

However, Dr Shola was adamant her name be said fully and correctly before allowing her to move on.

Resting her head in the palm of her hands, Dawn began to try once more before giving in and trying to continue the segment.

Although Dr Shola told Dawn: "No. You will say my name. Now read it phonetically."

In the end, the guest told her how to correctly say it as the show continued, although the moment received mass praise from viewers for Dr Shola refusing to back down.

Thehabsburgjaw1 wrote: “My first thought was that her name wasn't spelt phonetically but it absolutely is. Double-checking the pronunciation of someone's name BEFORE going live with them should be basic for a presenter. If it's a name you don't know you could mistake pronunciation or stress.”

TheDrSarifAlrai added: “I love that she did this. And I love that she did it with so much grace."

MillysBeard commented: “Who is the presenter? This is so unprofessional. Fair play to @SholaMos1 for insisting she at least tries and pronounce it correctly.”

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