Government covered up mass 'alien aircraft' sighting over California, claims UFO experts

The US government has so far successfully covered up a mass sighting of an "alien aircraft" in the skies over California two years ago, according to UFO experts. They say more than 50 people saw bizarre illuminations near Twentynine Palms, which is home to the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center.

The witnesses claim to have seen huge bright lights lined up in a V-shaped pattern, with many reportedly taking photos and video during the event which lasted lasting around 10 minutes, according to The Daily Express US.

Footage captured from that night was recently discussed by Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp, two UFO experts who run the Weaponized podcast. Corbell said some could even make out an aircraft within the illuminations, and that the object was the size of half a football field, or bigger.

Corbell is convinced the government is attempting to cover up the sighting. Knapp added: "Two years ago, this thing happened and nothing has come out. There’s been no media coverage in two years since."

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Many of those who saw the event were reportedly enlisted military men and women. It is even said that some military personnel used flares to try and get a better view of the "aircraft".

Corbell claimed he got a "tip from two bases" at the time of the sighting two years ago, with a person "high up" reaching to him. He said: "The tip was basically like, ‘Something happened and you should look into it. Click'."

The incident is similar to the Phoenix lights encounter of 1997, in which a series of objects were spotted across the southwest of the US over three hours. Corbell is hopeful more eyewitnesses could come forward, adding: "There’s got to be more people with video and information of this and the base is not being forthcoming so that’s the idea. Let’s see who comes forward now."

Corbell is an American documentary filmmaker and investigative journalist known for his work in the field of UFOs and government secrecy. He has directed and produced several documentaries that explore alleged UFO sightings, encounters, and related phenomena.

He gained attention for his documentary films, including Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers and Hunt for the Skinwalker, which delve into subjects such as alleged extraterrestrial technology and paranormal occurrences. His work often focuses on controversial and fringe topics, sparking discussions and debates within the UFO and conspiracy theory communities.

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