Man breaks his penis in three places after hearing sudden 'snap' while having sex

A man was left out of action in the bedroom after breaking his penis in three places during sexual intercourse with his partner.

The 36-year old from Tanzania suffered the unfortunate mishap after his erect manhood struck his female companion's perineum at a 'very high impact'.

After being hospitalised for treatment he recalled hearing a loud 'snap' as his member accidentally struck the area between her vagina and anus, leaving him with pain and swelling.

Scans later showed his penis had fractured in three places, with images of the injury now the subject of an article in a medical journal.

Thankfully medics were able to resolve what they described as an 'extremely rare urological emergency' - and the man - whose name hasn't been revealed - made a full recovery.

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Further details in an entry in the International Journal of Surgery Case Reports reveal the man complained of severe pain and suffered bleeding from his urethra for five hours.

The report's authors wrote that the penis 'slipped out, lost the way and hit the female perineal area as he was trying to re-insert it', and after losing his erection, the man's agony ensued.

After visiting a local health centre where he was given painkillers, the man was referred to Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre for further treatment.

There, a team of urologists led by Dr Bartholomeo Nicholaus Ngowi said the penis had become 'a bit twisted', ballooned and was covered in blood. Thankfully, however, the rest of his genitalia appeared unscathed.

An ultrasound scan revealed a broken a blood vessel in the corpora cavernosa - two columns of spongy tissue that runs through the shaft (body) of the penis, which fill with blood and harden.

And an MRI detailed a tear from left to right through his tunica albuginea - the tough fibrous layer of connective tissue surrounding the corpora cavernosa. The same scan also showed a partial tear through his urethra, which explained the bleeding.

Although there are no bones in the penis, such injuries are still referred to as 'fractures'.

After the injury was resolved by 'degloving' the penis and stitching up the corpora cavernosum and the urethra, the man was discharged after three days.

The journal article ends with him reporting six months on from the trauma that he had suffered no lasting effects and his sex life had returned to normal.

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