Midsomer Murders John Barnaby star pays tribute to on-screen wife ahead of 50th episode

Midsomer Murders actors Neil Dudgeon and Fiona Dolman appeared on This Morning on Wednesday to chat about the series marking its 50th episode.

However, as they were chatting with Craig Doyle and Alison Hammond, Neil, who plays detective John Barnaby, had nothing but praise for his onscreen wife.

When asked by Alison: "So what's the secret to your on-screen success?"

"Sexual chemistry," Neil joked before adding: "I think we've just got on very well right from the start, didn't we?"

"We did," Fiona agreed. "Neil was already cast so I had an audition and I had to go in and read with him.

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"And yeah, I think we clicked right from the beginning.

"We've done it for 12 years now which means all that kind of fear that you have as an actor when you join something and you have to pretend you have an intimate relationship with someone that you've never met, that's all just gone now, hasn't it?"

"It is great," the John Barnaby star weighed in as he praised his on-screen wife.

"I always said we should have had Fiona in the show anyway."

He went on: "But yeah, I love all the domestic stuff as you as I always say to you,

"When he comes home and talks to his wife about it, it just sort of comes from a different place, and I love that we have a lot of fun working together and with the dog of course, is always there stealing the scene.

On Sunday, Midsomer Murders will return to screens for its 50th feature-length episode titled, Fpr Death Prepare.

The synopsis for the episode reads: "Members of the amateur operatic society the Midsomer Mummers are busy rehearsing for their charity concert when the body of an unknown man is found in their theatre.

"Barnaby and Winter's investigation quickly becomes a race to discover who is desperate to be centre stage."

In another interview with Express.co.uk, Fiona addressed the show's future. She said: "I think we would love for it [to continue], long may it continue. It's a wonderful job, it's great fun to do.

"There are plenty of writers who are coming up with more ridiculous ways to murder people and there seems to be a very big national and international appetite for that, rather sickeningly, so long may it continue.

"Viewers have been very loyal, it used to be transmitted as a series in the UK first and that has changed in the last couple of years."

This Morning airs weekdays at 10am on ITV.

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