‘My neighbour wants me to build her treehouse in my garden so she doesn’t disrupt hers’

A man has been left shocked after being ordered to build someone else’s treehouse in his garden for their children to play in. The man took to Reddit to explain how his neighbour ordered him to build a treehouse for her children to play in.

The man said the woman allegedly told him to build it in the tree closest to her yard so she could keep an eye on them. He said: “She is known for being entitled and unreasonable. The entire neighbourhood rolls their eyes when they hear her coming.

“This time, I was the target of her torment. She wants me to build a treehouse in my yard so her three kids can play in it.

“She harped on about maintaining the yard she created before having kids (she does have a nice yard with lots of flowers),

“But she says since I have just grass and trees, it doesn't matter about having a treehouse too. She said I obviously don't care what my garden looks like otherwise, I would have planted flowers.”

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He added that she said she didn’t want the treehouse in her yard because “treehouses look ugly”. The man explained that she started badmouthing him to their other neighbours after he refused to build the structure.

However, the man said he knows this tactic will reflect worse on her than it will on him. He said: “I couldn't believe this woman's entitlement. I obviously said no.

“She is now going around the neighbourhood telling everyone how cruel I am for denying her kids a treehouse to play in over the summer. She decided to have children so she will have to compromise her garden if she wants a treehouse that bad.

“I would have considered helping build it but now I’m not having anything to do with her anymore.”

The post received a wave of positive responses on Reddit as fellow users replied in shock at what the man described.

One user commented: “Her poor decision to procreate shouldn’t impact anyone else. What you do in your home on your land is none of her concern or business and she gets no say in it.

“She tries to approach you again remind her of that and/or just walk away. Don’t engage with her further.”

Another user simply added: “Build a fence instead.”

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