Naked Attraction fans swoon over stunning singleton as she bares all

Naked Attraction fans were left floored by a stunning singleton called Sam as she bared all looking for love.

Some fans took their own attraction to the next level branding her a "MILF" as she appeared on the hit Channel 4 show on Wednesday, May 17.

It came as the popular programme, fronted by Anna Richardson, made a return to schedules.

Bar supervisor Sam, 31, who openly called herself a "MILF", was up first.

The mother of two told Anna she wanted to find a man who was like Aquaman, reports the Daily Star.

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Although there was plenty happening during the show's comeback, fans were all saying the same thing about Sam.

Heading over to Twitter, one viewer wrote: "Sam is bloody stunning."

Another impressed viewer said: "Damn, Sam is hot SF."

While a third joked: "Sam, Sam you know where I am."

Sam herself knew exactly what she wanted from a man and didn't hold back from telling Anna.

Near the end of her session and after stripping off on the show, Sam decided to go for Ryan who later confessed that he "fancied her" from the beginning.

Later on in the programme, Ryan and Sam enjoyed their first date together and things appeared to have gone very well. Two weeks later, the pair told producers how their relationship was now, with Sam revealing that they speak almost every day.

She said: "Most of the time we have like a three-hour phone call, I've never spoken to anyone that much."

When asked if they had been intimate with one another yet, Ryan replied: "A gentleman never tells. I am a gentleman, so yeah."

Quizzed on what the future looked like for the both of them, Sam and Ryan gave positive responses.

Sam said: "We are exclusively seeing each other."

Ryan added: "We get on really really really well."

The smitten contestant then said: "You are very good looking girl, don't get me wrong, you are very attractive.

"But your personality is what made me break my barrier down and really want to get to know you."

Sam added: "It's just nice to hear, isn't it, finally having someone to look after me."

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