NCIS Hawaii finale sneak peek teases jaw-dropping Tennant twist as ‘fake’ identity exposed

CBS’ gripping procedural drama NCIS Hawaii will return to screens next week with its penultimate episode of season two.

The instalment titled Past Due, will be the first of a two-part finale before the drama concludes on Monday, May 22.

The hit NCIS spin-off follows the personal and professional lives of the agents led by the first female Special Agent in Charge, Jane Tennant (played by Vanessa Lachey).

Although the skilled professionals are often tied into their criminal investigations, the upcoming episode will see Tennant forced to unearth secrets from her past.

Thankfully for fans, CBS dropped an insightful trailer which saw Tennant being questioned by Captain Akana.

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After he asked: “We got reports of gunshots, who alerted you to them?” Tennant responded: “No one, did.”

Akana hit back: “So how did you get in here, special agent Tennant?”

“I was invited by the victim, I arrived moments after he was shot,” she clarified.

During the scene, Tennant was being quizzed at the scene of the crime, as forensic investigators were getting evidence by taking photos of the room and collecting fingerprints.

As Akana asked more questions about Tennant’s relation to the victim, Agent Kai Holme (Alex Tarrant) and Agent Lucy Tara (Yasmine Al Bustami) arrived on the scene.

When Tara announced: “We’re taking her with us,” Akana claimed he had more questions for Tennant.

However, she hit back: “Captain, I understand you’re just doing your job but you checked my weapon and it hasn’t been discharged.”

After he accepted defeat and left the room, Holme, Tara and Tennant analyzed the crime scene and spotted a jaw-dropping detail.

Tennant explained: “Oliver Price, he called this morning and said he had intel for my eyes only, so I came.”

As Holme reached into Oliver’s pocket he pulled out a passport, after looking at the identification he asked his boss: “You never met Price before?”

When Tennant confirmed: “I have no idea who he is,” Holme turned the passport around to reveal her photo on the ID.

The agent added: “He knows you or at least a version of you.”

NCIS Hawaii season 2 continues Mondays on CBS in the USA.

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