Phillip Schofield past his ‘sell-by-date’ with fears he won't return after summer break

Recently, there’s been rumours of a rift between the two hosts, who often call one another their “best friend”.

It comes after Phillip released a statement, without Holly or ITV’s knowledge, where he confessed things haven’t been easy on them over the past few weeks.

Despite the speculation of a fall-out, the pair appeared side-by-side together on Monday's show, with many viewers highlighting some tension between them.

Touching on the feud between the two This Morning hosts, GB News presenter Patrick Christys questioned what happened between the two friends to cause this.

Speaking with guest and media commentator Nigel Pauley, Patrick said: “He had his big coming out moment, she was there for him, he was literally crying on her shoulder at one point. What’s changed?”

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Nigel Pauley explained to Patrick he believes Phillip has become a “story” which isn’t good for his TV career.

He said: “If you’re talking more about the stars' off-screen antics than actually what’s on-screen, that becomes a problem.

“You’ve got to remember that the difference is, he was protected through coming out, he was protected through other things that have happened in the past and was protected when they queue jumped if you like."

The media commentator touched on Anthea Turner and Eamonn Holmes’ infamous fall-out back in the 90s when they hosted GMTV, highlighting the similarities with what’s happening now.

He added: “He (Eamonn) was suddenly empowered, ITV bosses lost faith in her and the skids are under her.

“They are ruthless, once the skids are under you in television and in ITV, as well as the fans at their cost, they pull the plug.

“It seems to be that sadly, one of them is beyond their sell-by-date now and it fears that Schofield is beyond his sell-by-date.”

Patrick questioned whether or not Nigel believes ITV are going to start briefing against Phillip to try and get him off of their network.

Nigel replied: “They have been briefing against him for some weeks.

“I think we’ll find that they’ll try and dampen it down to get through the summer.

“The summer break will be key, I don’t think they’ll be back together in September.”

This Morning continues weekdays on ITV from 10am.

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