Sue Barker admits 'we don't care if we cross the line' as Question of Sport hosts reunite

Wimbledon legend Sue Barker, 67, former England cricketer Phil Tufnell, 57, and retired rugby player Matt Dawson, 50, are beloved by fans for their banter as a trio, and the stars are now set to get back together once more to entertain audiences with their witty back and forth.

The A Question of Sport stars are about to embark on a brand-new live sports quiz show, Extra Time, reuniting Sue, Phil, and Matt on stage alongside some very special guests.

Despite some time passing since the trio’s 2021 departure from the BBC programme, which devastated viewers, Sue has now insisted in an exclusive interview with that the presenters won’t be watering down their famous jibes, despite concerns about causing offence currently dominating the TV industry.

Sue explained that while they are on stage, the trio “do cross the line sometimes, but we don’t care”, as they’re such good friends that nothing could hurt them.

When quizzed on the subject, Sue told “I mean, we do cross the line sometimes.

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“But we don't care, because we know deep down we’re really good friends, so it doesn’t really matter.”

Sue went on to insist her priority is making the audience laugh when they book tickets to see Extra Time, and that Matt and Phil have her permission to “say whatever they like”, even if it’s a joke at her expense.

“As long as it gets a laugh, they can say whatever they like.

“It's absolutely fine by me,” the presenter cheerily exclaimed.

Sue went on to share that the key to the trio’s unique chemistry as hosts is their regular chats over dinner outside of work, which ensure that they know exactly how to make one another laugh.

She revealed: “That’s why we always say, ‘let's go out to dinner’, because you find out more about what makes them laugh, and we started that back in 2011 and we're still doing it.

“Every single time we left the studio, we always went for dinner, either the three of us, or sometimes some of the guests came with us, or the production staff came with us.

“But we were always out together and I think that friendship really does help with all the banter and the fact you know no one's taking it personally. They’re not insulting, put it that way, it’s all banter.”

Sue, Matt, and Phil initially went on tour a few years ago as a farewell to A Question Of Sport, and the Wimbledon star shared she is “really looking forward” to getting back on the road with her co-stars.

Revealing what fans can expect from Extra Time with Sue, Matt and Phil, she explained: “It'll be a sporting quiz as such, obviously different from what we used to do, but it will be a lot of stories, a lot of banter, and a lot of people have already said that they'll come on and support us.

"So I'm really, really looking forward to it. We have such fun when we do the shows, we so look forward to them.

“It will be nice to take it around the country one more time. I'm really looking forward to it, but I can guarantee it will always be a lot of fun because the boys are just hilarious and the guests we have on really enjoy it.”

To book tickets please go to: Extra Time with Sue, Matt & Phil Tickets | More Sport Tickets  Ticketmaster UK .

You can find out more about the tour online at and follow it on social media on twitter @simonfielderPr1

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