Alex Scott fights back tears as she still 'visualises' the 'abuse' from her childhood

Sports presenter Alex Scott opened up to Loose Women host Ruth Langsford about how the alleged abuse from her parents impacted her and her brother as children.

She claimed her father Tony was "controlling" and "stupidly cruel" and would frequently abuse their mother, but Tony has denied the claims.

Before she was able to respond to the panel, she started getting emotional. She began: "It's hard because we felt like we couldn't do anything.

"And you want to be there to save your mum, and she's also doing the same for us.

"It's weird because I actually thought the paperback comes out tomorrow and I thought, I'm in a better place, I can talk about it.

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"But straight away you have the visuals, you go straight back to those moments, which are hard.

Her father previously denied the allegations when she made the claims in her memoir How (Not) To Be Strong, which was released last year.

She went on to say: "I think that in the world I grew up in, everyone had a perception that you have to be strong and I needed to do is strip that back and show my emotions and vulnerability."

"You're just laying in bed hearing everything and praying your mum is going to be alive in the morning.

"My mum is my everything and I want to give her everything. Victims think they're cowards, but my mum isn't a coward and she saved me and my brother.

"We didn't know how to communicate about it until the book. I did a lot of therapy to break generational cycles.

"I was ready to talk and my mum wasn't. And she loved it and learned so much about me and how me and my brother were affected."

Tony previously denied Alex's allegations in a statement to MailOnline.

He said: "I have no idea why she's saying all this stuff. I was raised in a strict but loving Jamaican family and Alex should know what they are like.

"I taught her discipline, I did a lot to help her. Perhaps she is judging me by today's standards, I don't know.

"Parents were a lot tougher back then. But I was never violent, that's just not me. I never beat Alex or anyone else in the family or did anything like that."

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