Can you crack this mind-bending lateral-thinking brainteaser in just ten seconds?

Playing brain teasers and other cognitive games, such as crosswords, is a great way to work out one of the body's most important muscles. The brain is stimulated in different ways by each challenge. The newest brainteaser from Bright Side pushes people to engage in creative thinking and think outside the box.

The challenge lies in determining the monetary value of two notes on a table which had up to $51, which becomes more complex when considering the first bill is not $1.

This brain teaser demands quick and lateral thinking to successfully decipher the solution.

Although brain teasers might seem like harmless distractions during the daily commute, some experts contend that regularly tackling such mental tasks can have long-term benefits.

These specialists claim that performing these exercises on a regular basis aids in maintaining cognitive clarity and may perhaps lower the danger of developing neurological diseases like dementia.

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Did you succeed in figuring out the answer? If not, there's no need to worry because the solution is given below.

There are various brain teasers available that serve to test and challenge the mind, enhancing its acuity and cognitive capabilities. This specific one is simply one of them.

All periods of life require maintaining mental agility, but as we age its importance becomes even more apparent.

A stronger intellect is less likely to deteriorate as we age.

According to experts, adding regular mental workouts like brain puzzles like sudokus, crosswords, and brain teasers may help extend mental health.

Participating in these activities, together with a healthy lifestyle that includes a diet high in fruits and vegetables, may help lower the chance of developing degenerative neurological diseases.

Here the answer is a 50$ bill and a $1 dollar bill which completes the total of $51. 

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