Coronation Street’s Ryan star pays tribute to ‘fantastic’ ITV soap writer amid acid attack

At the end of March, fans of the ITV soap saw Daisy Midgeley’s (played by Charlotte Jordan) stalker take drastic measures after months of harassment.

In a harrowing act of revenge after constantly being rejected, Justin Rutherford (Andrew Still) threw acid at her on her wedding day, although he wasn’t expecting Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) to jump in the way.

Writhing around in pain, Coronation Street viewers saw Ryan rushed to the hospital where he sustained serious burns to his face and neck.

Since then, Ryan has been struggling to adjust but has found comfort in speaking to love interest Crystal, who’s actually Daisy pretending to be the Ibiza DJ since she rejected him after the acid attack.

The harrowing storyline left many viewers in tears with hundreds praising the actors as the tragic attack unfolded.

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Actor Ryan Prescott spoke to and other media publications on those harrowing scenes as he praised those who worked on the storyline.

He said: “The script was written by the brilliant Ian Kershaw. Ian’s a fantastic writer, one of my favourites, he really is.

“He manages to draw a lot of reality into scenes and still leave room for the actor to find a subtext.

“It’s not all black and white, there’s a lot of room for creative licensing around it and I think he naturally writes like that.

“The scripts were great, they were amazing which is a godsend for a plot like this, something so sensitive.”

Although it wasn’t just the writers that Ryan Prescott credited for the acid attack storyline but also the director Mike Lacey.

He added: “In the same respect, he creates a working environment where you feel comfortable, yet free enough to explore what we like to call the ‘wiggleroom’.

“The ‘wiggleroom’ is the in-between, the lines of where you can find creativity and I think that’s where best work comes into fruition.”

Currently, the Coronation Street plot has earned a place in various different categories for the British Soap Awards.

It has the potential of winning the best single episode, with Daisy’s stalking hell up for the best storyline.

The acid attack scenes could also win the best scene of the year with Charlotte Jordan nominated for best dramatic performance.

The British Soap Awards airs on Saturday, June 3 at 7:30pm on ITV

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on ITV from 8pm

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