EastEnders Jay Brown turns to drink as he struggles to cope ahead of Lola’s funeral

In scenes set to air next week in EastEnders, it seems as though the loss of his wife is too much for Jay Brown (played by Jamie Borthwick) as he turns to alcohol.

In official spoilers, Jay heads to The Vic to try and drown his sorrows, it’s not long before Gina (Francesca Henry) and Linda (Kellie Bright) are worried about him.

Deciding to step in, they think it’s best if Jay goes home and tries to sober up.

At the end of May, EastEnders viewers were left heartbroken when Lola Pearce’s (Danielle Harold) battle with cancer came to an end.

Dying in bed alongside her daughter Lexi (Isabella Brown) and husband, the residents of Walford have all been trying to cope with their grief.

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Although it’s not just Jay who is struggling with Lola’s death as Billy Mitchell (Perry Fenwick) tries to keep himself busy with preparations for her funeral.

Having a tense meeting with the Reverend, Billy gets to thinking about how the Mitchell family treated his granddaughter over the years and anger boils up.

At home, he lashes out at Honey (Emma Barton) and Jay as he shares his thoughts before storming out.

Later on, Honey finds Billy who is outside of the funeral parlour, stricken with upset and grief.

After some comfort, Honey encourages Billy to say one final goodbye to Lola before she’s laid to rest.

However, on the day of the funeral, it appears Billy can’t bring himself to say farewell as he’s nowhere to be seen.

As Lola’s hearse arrives adorned with flowers in the square, it’s evident how loved she was by residents as the vehicle also has colourful messages from everyone.

Celebrating her life, Jay and Lexi give emotional speeches as they say goodbye to Lola one last time.

Once the funeral is over, everyone heads back to the square for a celebration of Lola’s life just as she wished.

With the emotional day over, Jay is left exhausted as he heads home for a final live stream.

He decides to thank all of her followers for their support on her channel as her journey has now come to an end.

If you've been affected by this story you can contact cruse bereavement support on 0808 808 1677.

EastEnders continues Monday-Thursday on BBC One from 7:30pm.

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