Emmerdale favourite to 'return' as fans 'work out' chaos for Jimmy and Nicola

Emmerdale fans are begging for Kelly Windsor (played by Adele Silva) to return to cause chaos in the village.

In a recent Reddit post, user Big-Explanation-831 shared: "Since Elliot is on the show does anyone else think Kelly should return? There are so many people on the show she has beef with."

Other Reddit users were quick to reply to the post, with Economy-Temporary611 saying: "Yes I also hope Scott would return too."

User Witty-Bus07 echoed: "She should and isn’t Jimmy and Nicola looking after the son she had with Jimmy?"

Kelly was the centre of a few major storylines in the ITV soap before her exit in 2011.

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Kelly has a complicated family history as she is the daughter of the late Vic (Alun Lewis) and Anne Windsor and the half-sister of Donna Windsor (Verity Rush).

However, Vic had an affair with Viv Dawson (Deena Payne) and the pair ended up getting married.

Kelly also had a number of turbulent romantic relationships over the years including with her own half-brother.

She also got pregnant by Biff Fowler (Stuart Wade) but ended up having a miscarriage.

Kelly still has links to the village so it would be possible for her to return.

Her stepfather Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw), who went on to marry Viv, still runs the cafe, and Jimmy King (Nick Miles), who Kelly had a fling with, is still an integral part of the village.

She also has a son, Elliot (Luca Hoyle) with Jimmy, and he currently lives with his dad and Nicola King (Nicola Wheeler).

Kelly had originally taken her son with her when she left the village, but in 2016, he returned to the Dales to live with his dad and step mum.

Jimmy and Nicola have also had a rough time of late and their marriage hasn't always been easy.

Jimmy was on edge when his nephew Tom King (James Chase) arrived in the village, so how would he react if Kelly came back?

Could his marriage to Nicola last if his ex made an unexpected return to the Dales?

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7.30pm on ITV.

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