Fiona Bruce tells Antiques Roadshow guest to 'get out' after valuation error

Fiona Bruce told one Antiques Roadshow guest to "get out" when they failed to help her with a game of Basic, Better, Best, which saw her rank vases in order of their value.

As always, Fiona asked those gathered around for their opinion and she chose to follow the advice of one woman in the crowd.

But when her advice was revealed to be incorrect, Fiona shouted at her to "get out" .

Expert Eric had brought along three vases which dated between 1900-1920 which were made from cameo glass.

He shared details of each item starting with a pink vase from Bohemia and noted it was "relatively rare" to find.

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The second was from 1915 and was made by Émile Gallé's company after he had died while the third "little treasure" was made in the late 19th century with dragonfly detailing.

Eric went on to reveal the value of the three vases, which ranged from £300 to £2500.

Fiona then turned to the guests around her for their opinion on which vase was basic, better or best.

One guest said they felt Eric was "throwing Fiona off the scent" with his clues about each vase and gave her verdict.

They confessed they didn't know about glass but Fiona admitted she agreed with their opinion.

Eric went on to reveal which vase was the best and which was the basic as he confirmed Fiona's guesses were incorrect.

"The one you love and adore is the basic," Eric explained, leaving Fiona gobsmacked.

She turned to the guest who'd advised her and pointed to the exit, shouting: "Right, out, out! Get out!"

As consolation, the guest suggested: "Buy that Fiona for your house!"

As Eric revealed the vase Fiona thought was "basic" was in fact "the best", she exclaimed: "Agh, I can't bear it!"

The expert said "size really did matter" as the tallest vase was the most expensive.

"If it makes you feel any better, I'm not in the least bit smug," Eric chuckled.

Antiques Roadshow airs Sunday on BBC One at 8pm.

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