Homes Under the Hammer host feared 'something was terribly wrong' after memory struggles

Homes Under the Hammer host Martel Maxwell, 46, has recalled her fears after suffering from serious memory loss, as she worried something must be “terribly wrong”.

The BBC star revealed that it wasn’t until her “surprise” diagnosis that everything started to make sense.

She recalled how she had been “incensed” six months ago when her husband had insisted they had already watched a film together, while she “could not remember it at all”.

While Martel admitted that her reaction was “disproportionate”, she shared that she had a very good reason for her memory loss.

After visiting the doctor, Martel discovered that her menopause had come early.

“In short, I thought there was something terribly wrong with me,” she added. “And that night, my husband bore the full, paranoid brunt of that fear.”

Martel shared other unusual behaviour she’d observed in herself, including putting newly-bought toothbrushes at the back of the fridge and fermented yoghurts in a drawer.

The presenter also recalled forgetting the word “carpet” in the middle of filming a segment for Homes Under the Hammer, which she has co-presented since 2017.

Martel also noted how she often experienced “anger” and “hot flushes that took over my body often and with aggression”.

However, now that she is receiving treatment, Martel has said that she is feeling much better in herself and has even invited other women to get in touch with her about their own experiences.

The Scottish journalist and presenter lives near Dundee with her husband, Jamie, and their three sons.

Homes Under the Hammer returns tomorrow at 11.15am on BBC One.

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