James Martin told to 'shut up' after teasing guest over cooking blunder

James Martin was left gobsmacked when Louise Redknapp called a deep fat fryer a "frying machine" before offering to send her one.

Louise was so surprised by the kind gesture she told the ITV host to "shut up" as she didn't believe he'd keep his promise.

As James took the basket out of the deep fat fryer, Louise asked: "Can you do that if you don't have a frying machine?"

"A frying machine?" James repeated, shocked by her comment.

Louise giggled as the host continued: "Do I have to go back to raw basics with this?"

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The singer admitted "possibly" as James laughed: "If you haven't got a frying machine.

"I'll tell you what I'll do, while your mother is tucking into some wine, I will get you a fryer as a present from me to you."

Louise chuckled: "Oh shut up! Next time I'm on, I'll be like this," as she joked she'd put on weight.

"Not this one," James clarified. "I need this one but I'm going to send you a fryer."

The former Strictly Come Dancing star was amazed: "Really? That's amazing."

James teased she "probably wouldn't use it" but Louise insisted: "I bet you I do."

Earlier in the show, the Saturday Morning host admitted he was "under pressure" when he heard Louise was joining him on the show with her mum.

Louise had confessed her mum was a fan of the chef as they enjoyed a tipple backstage.

When the chef began to make Brill on the Bones with Ratatouille and Fried Courgettes for the pair, he admitted: "These are classic courgettes, I’m doing it slowly because I know your mum’s watching this so she can check this out as well.”

As he altered how he cooked the vegetable, James confessed: "I feel under pressure now!

“But we’ve got in here our courgettes which you put in the milk and then the flour but in the flour I’ve got just a bit fo fresh thyme as well.”

James Martin’s Saturday Morning airs Saturdays at 9:25am on ITV.

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