Maya Jama's appearance on Aftersun sparks frenzy as she dons tight-fitting frock

Love Island fans flocked to social media to comment on Maya Jama's appearance as she looked incredible in a sparkly frock.

The tight-fitting, mint green gown was covered in gems and clung to her curves, which sent Aftersun viewers into a frenzy.

@DefNotYourMate posted: "Maya Jama is the prettiest #loveisland Aftersun."

@shaunicalyn tweeted: "Im going to need the details of Maya Jama's dress to be honest."

@elliemayoliver asked: "Why is Maya Jama dressed as the Statue of Liberty on Aftersun? #LoveIsland."

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"Maya Jama you are BEAUTIFUL #loveisland," shared @xbbarikbye.

@chloelou567 commented: "Every outfit Maya Jama wears is always 10/10 forever slaying #LoveIsland."

@Com4fiz shared: "Maya Jama just there looking like a bright summer’s day."

Earlier in the day, Maya shared a behind the scenes look at how she prepares to host the Love Island spin-off.

Posting on her Instagram story, she told her 2.7million followers: "So, so, so, those of you that want to know what happens on an Aftersun Sunday every Sunday, I'm in this little dressing room.

"I come in, we go through scripts, we talk about the latest episodes and make some questions.

"I watch some stuff, write down some stuff and then add a bit of lunch."

She added she would go to rehearsals downstairs with former Love Island star Indiyah Polack and Sam Thompson.

Maya added after rehearsals, she returns to her dressing room to get glammed up for the live show.

The presenter went on to share snaps of herself in a leopard print jumper as she sat on the Aftersun couch for rehearsals.

Just before going live on ITV2, Maya gave fans a sneak peak of her frock and posed next to guest Chunkz.

Aftersun came after there was a surprise daytime recouping on Love Island with Ella receiving a text telling the islanders to gather at the fire pit.

Drama ensued after Sammy said "after a test" he would like to couple up with Jess as he felt they had a strong connection.

His comments left Leah upset as she didn't appreciate being branded a "test' after Sammy had been flirting with her throughout the week.

When she confronted Sammy, he brushed her off and his reaction led to Jess questioning if he'd lied to her about his connection with Leah.

The episode ended with Sammy walking off and Jess disappointed by the man she thought she was forming a connection with.

Love Island continues weeknights on ITV2 from 9pm.

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