Michael Rosen on how The Repair Shop rescued his precious diary kept whilst in coma

Children's author Michael Rosen will appear as a guest on The Repair Shop for a special NHS episode where he opens up about a significant piece of Covid pandemic documentation.

Michael Rosen recalled his experience on The Repair Shop after became seriously ill with coronavirus and was in a coma for 40 days, leaving his family and friends worried for his health.

During his time in the hospital, a record of care was taken by the NHS staff and he took the diary to the trusted experts on the BBC show to be preserved.

Speaking ahead of the episode airing, Michael told Radio Times: "Throughout the time I was sedated, the doctors and nurses stayed in touch with Emma and, on occasion, talked on FaceTime so that she and our children could see me.

"It wasn’t an easy thing to look at. [There's] Photos and film of me at that time looking like a corpse, make me feel like Scrooge looking at himself when the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come reveals the future.

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"Aside from what my wife and children tell me about these conversations and images, I have a hugely powerful record of that time: It’s a 'Patient Diary'."

He added the "diary" is a small students exercise book that the healthcare professionals wrote in every day.

On the cover of the diary, it reads "The diary may help with the patient’s post Critical Care recovery by providing them with information and insight into a time when they were not aware."

The other two episodes will see Poet Laureate Simon Armitage walk into the barn and will bring his treasured harmonium, which holds memories of his late father.

Social commentator and political activist, Patrick Vernon also seeks the experts help when bringing in a radiogram that belonged to late friend Eddie Noble, a Second World War veteran from Jamaica who settled in the UK after serving in the RAF.

The Repair Shop posted the exciting announcement on social media with the caption: "We're so proud to announce that the new series of #TheRepairShop will feature two very special programmes.

"Marking both the 75th anniversary of the Empire Windrush's arrival to the UK and the birth of the NHS."

The Repair Shop airs Wednesday from 8pm on BBC One.

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