Only those with rapid cat-like eyesight can spot the odd number in under 12 seconds


Brainteasers and puzzles are great ways to stretch the mind’s cognitive ability and skills of perception. Crosswords and sudokus are believed to help improve memory and wake up the brain ready for a productive day.

They work by challenging the brain’s ability to spot hidden anomalies or objects in busy images.

The latest brainteaser from FreshersLive is one example. This brainteaser asks you to find the odd number out in just 12 seconds.

In the image above are a sea of 8831s and 883s, your task is to find the 8881 in under 12 seconds.

Scroll down below for the answer

Did you find the 8881? No worries if not, we’re circled the answer below.

The number in question is difficult to spot as it blends in very well with the background colours and those around it.

While some will find it immediately, others might struggle or take more time to work out the odd number.

One tip is to break the image down into seconds and trace each part of that section with your eyes quickly, so you spot where the odd number is.

This is just one way in which brainteasers promote out-of-the-box thinking and help stimulate the mind.

You may have spotted it if you started on the left-hand side and worked your way down each column - but some people's eyes would have just glazed over the number regardless.

If you keep practicing, the Mirror says, you're sure to become a better problem solver over time and you'll be able to spot the odd one out in no time.

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