Outlander's Caitriona Balfe on 'really sad goodbye' to Sam Heughan in touching tribute

Outlander's Claire Fraser star Caitriona Balfe paid tribute to her co-star Sam Heughan saying she "couldn't have asked for a better partner".

With the time-travel series set to end with the next season, the stars felt emotional at the thought of wrapping their final scene.

Caitriona gushed over the Jamie Fraser actor as she reminisced over all the years they have spent together filming.

"Sam and I have been such good friends and we always have each other's back.

"I think it's been a really amazing working relationship and that will be a really, really hard thing to say goodbye to," she said.

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She continued to Radio Times: "We had a big long walk right before we started filming way back in season one and we were kind of like, 'Look, we don't know what this is going to be but you and I have got to be partners in this, we've got to have each other's backs because we're the only two people who are going to experience this in the same way'.

"And we've stuck to that and that's been, I think, the best thing.”

The star said Sam has always supported her and the pair were able to remain focused on the job when they needed to be.

However, they were also able to enjoy some light-hearted moments on set and have lots of fun.

Ahead of season seven airing, Sam also paid tribute to his on-screen wife as he called her a "brilliant co-star".

He shared a heartfelt social media post which featured a video montage of the pair laughing together.

The post was captioned: "Proof! @caitrionabalfe is a brilliant costar and terrible corpser! We've had a great year with plenty laughs, can't wait to show you Season 7!"

Speaking to Popsugar, he opened up about how much enjoys working with Caitriona on set.

He said: "Actually, having scenes away from her, and time apart from her, is kind of like losing someone in your family. A loved one.

"It's very strange, and I don't enjoy it. Whenever we're together it feels right, and I look forward to the days when we get to work together again."

The pair have vowed to keep in touch once the series comes to an end as they hope to continue their almost decade-long friendship.

Outlander is available to watch on Starz and Lionsgate+

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