Stacey Solomon '100% drunk' after having first drink 'in 20 years'


Television presenter Stacey Solomon hilariously revealed she was "100% drunk" as she posted an update from the bathroom at a friend's wedding.

The 32-year-old mum-of-five took to her Instagram stories on Saturday night where she made the confession. It came just hours after she revealed she had her first alcoholic drink in 20 years at the event.

Throughout the journey to Austria to celebrate the occasion, Stacey poked fun at husband Joe Swash, saying he was 'trying to get her drunk' after letting her order a gin and tonic.

It appears the nation's sweetheart could have had one or two more later, reports OK! magazine.

Sharing an Instagram story from her pal’s nuptials, Stacey revealed that the wedding was taking place at the same location that had once filmed Hollywood classic, The Sound Of Music - something which had left her more than a little emotional.

“Okay, this wedding is in the actual place where they filmed The Sound Of Music. I’m crying at every corner,” she told her fans.

In a further moment of over-sharing, Stacey then told her 5.7million followers: “Also just sitting on the toilet having a wee and I’m 100% drunk.”

Fans will know Stacey rarely drinks and tends to enjoy a cheeky glass of Diet Coke over an alcoholic beverage. But with a child-free trip, the star decided to treat herself.

Earlier in the day, Stacey had explained how she hadn’t had a drink since meeting Joe back in 2010, meaning her drink on Saturday proved to be quite the milestone first for the couple.

The Sort Your Life Out star said: "I haven't drank [alcohol] since I met him (in 2010), so I thought 'maybe I will, I've got no kids, maybe I'll just pour myself a drink’.

She then sniffed the bottle of gin and grimaced, before pouring out too much and attempting to pour some back into the tiny bottle hole.

The star said: "That's probably too much isn't it? For the first drink in about 20 years.”

Later in the day, Stacey even hinted at feeling - and looking - a little worse for wear as she shared a snap of her outfit for the day, a beautiful red and white poppy printed dress, alongside the telling caption: “I don’t look like this anymore!” Complete with a laughing emoji.

The full caption was later revealed on a carousel of photos from the day which read: “Mum and Dad. Out alone. In The Actual Sound Of Music House. For Our Friends Wedding. P.S I’m a little tipsy or maybe a lot. Or maybe totally gone. I don’t look like this anymore. Send help.”

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