The Repair Shop expert pays tribute to 'really nice' King Charles III

The Repair Shop’s Jay Blades has paid tribute to King Charles III after meeting him as part of a special episode as well as being invited to the coronation back in May.

Speaking to media including, the 53-year-old presenter and furniture restorer said about attending the coronation: “It went alright. It went really well.

“The king is a really nice person and when we met him during The Repair Shop special, we kind of formed a nice little bond, especially around heritage and what we want to do for the future.”

He went on to say The Repair Shop team treated the King - who was still the Prince of Wales at the time of filming - “exactly the same” as the other people who came onto the show.

Speaking shortly before their win on the red carpet, Jay said he “loved” the coronation and the ceremony was “really, really nice”.

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He went on to say: “Every moment was my favourite. Not so favourite was getting up at five o’clock in the morning. I had to get up at five and get ready and then get down there for 7.30am.”

Jay revealed he’d met presenting duo Ant and Dec as well as Joanna Lumley and was seated next to singer Nick Cave but admitted he didn’t know who the star was.

Fellow restorer Will Kirk said of the king’s appearance on The Repair Shop: “It was a real honour and I think it’s a testament to the show and what it’s become.

“We’ve been on air for six years now. We’re a big family which is getting bigger and bigger behind the camera and in front of the camera.

“When his highness came down, he just made us all feel very relaxed and he’s such a nice man and it was an honour for him to come and see us.”

Will said even when the cameras weren’t rolling on the royal special, everything “worked seamlessly” and was “absolutely perfect”.

After accepting the BAFTA Award in the Daytime category, Jay said: “We’ve been working on this for six years, seven years.

“I’ve been in the barn for seven years and then all the people that have been part of The Repair Shop, the producers, the editors, and also the experts, even the runners as well, this is for them.

“Everybody’s worked super, super hard. That’s why I’m excited.”

He went on to say: “For me, daytime TV is the fourth emergency service, it’s the one that allows people to just chill out and take it nice and easy and find out what’s going on.

“At the same time, if you’re watching Repair Shop, you just feel good about life and feel good about community, so I’m glad we do it.”

The Repair Shop was recently renewed for another two series and Jay said they would be “doing more”, joking: “We just won a BAFTA.”

The Repair Shop airs on BBC One on Wednesdays at 8pm

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