TikToker comes up with 'genius' £2.50 life hack to stop 'nosey neighbours' peeking


A woman has revealed her cheap £.50 hack to deal with her nosey neighbours peeking through her windows. Helly, posting on TikTok under the username @hellyangel, shared a video showing her creative way to prevent gawkers from staring through her window.

The home renovation enthusiast used a bottle of Elmer’s School Glue – which costs just £2.49 online – to make the glass look frosted.

The clip, which has received over 5.2 million likes, sees Helly using a paint roller to cover the window in a thin layer of glue to create a frosted glass effect once it dries, the Daily Star reports.

She said: "TikTok made me do it: I’m putting Elmer's glue on my window to make it not see through."

Helly then pours some of her glue into a small paint tray and covers a miniature roller in the liquid.

"Honestly there might be too much glue on the brush," she confessed before delicately rolling the glue evenly on the window pane.
“My strategy is to literally put it all the way onto the edge and just wipe that off later.

"I haven’t tried it with a regular paint roller because this is my first time doing it, but it works really well with this sponge roller."

After the window was covered in glue Helly left it to dry overnight before seeing how it came out the next day – cheerily commenting that “it looks frosted”.

But the hack polarised viewers, who took to the comments to express their opinion.

One user wrote: "Just wondering how it would hold up with the summer sun on it? I hope it doesn’t make it melt."

Another added: "Actually love it."

A third commented: “Are you worried that people will be able to see everything from outside at night when your lights are on?”

A fourth argued: "Can I just say I think this was a genius!"

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