Tony Robinson shares cancer update as he issues warning to men

Blackadder legend Tony Robinson, 76, was diagnosed with prostate cancer a decade ago and updated ITV viewers on the most recent Loose Women.

Tony explained he would "die with" the disease, not of it.

He went on to warn men about some of the "ludicrous" fears some have about getting themselves checked.

The actor explained how the prostate cancer examination isn't "a big deal" as he pleaded with men to stop being "terrified".

It came as Loose Women presenter Linda Robson asked him for an update on his condition during the show.

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"Tony how's your health now? Because you were diagnosed with prostate cancer 10 years ago," the 65-year-old asked.

"Yeah, yeah that's right," Tony responded, continuing: "I have a podcast called Tony Robinson's Cunning Plan.

"And this week it's all about prostate cancer in general.

"And me in particular because I think... I'm fine. I'm going to die with it, I'm not going to die of it."

He added: "As long as you get it checked very early, you're going to be alright - if you leave it it could be really bad.

"And it's crazy, we all know men are terrified of having a finger up their bottoms."

As the audience laughed, he went on: "And that's just ludicrous! Think of the things that women have during the course of their lifetime.

"Things the size of the Isle of Wight going up and down, you know..."

As he held up a finger, he explained: "Like, what's that? You know, that's not a problem, is it?

"So it's stupid, it's silly and I would like to say to people please get yourself checked, it's not a big deal!"

Elsewhere, Tony has spoken out about dementia in the past. After losing both of his parents to the condition, he has told "I've got as little or as much chance of getting it like most other people."

Speaking to the Irish News, he stated: "Both my parents had Alzheimer's, so for about 15 years, Alzheimer's was the main thing in my life, apart from my work and my kids.

"Towards the end of my mum's life, I made a documentary called Me And My Mum around the issues surrounding dementia and care homes, and the reaction was extraordinary."

Loose Women airs weekdays from 12.30pm on ITV.

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