Tornado warning as parts of UK to get hit by 60mph winds and hail stones tonight


Tornados could be set to batter parts of the United Kingdom on Sunday, June 25.

Although much of the country has been bathing in glorious sunshine and temperatures up to 30C, the weather looks as though it could be set to change.

Conditions look set to cool off, similar to what would be expected for this time of year, reports the Mirror.

And tonight, millions of households in England and Wales could be set for stormy conditions. 

The warning, published by The Tornado and Storm Research Organisation, reads: “A cold front will move eastwards this afternoon with strong shear and instability ahead of it.

"Shear will be sufficient for clusters of thunderstorms and perhaps supercells capable of large hail, damaging winds and perhaps a couple of tornadoes.

“Storms may well merge into a line, given shear vectors parallel to the cold front, but some more discrete developing is possible on the southern end of the line and also along a pre-frontal trough - especially across parts of Lincolnshire and eastern parts of North East England.

“There is still some uncertainty over the overall morphology and tornado risk, especially as cloud bases are relatively high.

“However the overall situation appears to be one which warrants a tornado risk over a severe thunderstorm risk.”

It is thought the storms could create a "couple of tornados" across the UK. There could also be 60mph gusts and lightning strikes across the country. 

According to the Met Office, around 30 tornadoes are reported in the UK every year. Typically, a tornado is 20 to 100 metres wide at the surface and lasts for a few minutes and travels around a mile.

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