'What do you mean?' Dolly Parton scolds BBC's Charlie Stayt over singing comment


Charlie Stayt was scolded by Dolly Parton when he remarked her voice worked on "almost all of the songs" on her new album.

The Country singer wasn't impressed with his comment and playfully hit the BBC Breakfast presenter across the arm.

Dolly remarked: "Paul [McCartney] played piano and sang, and Ringo Starr played the drums.

"Then we Peter Frampton join in on some of the things and Mick Fleetwood all played on that one track. So that in itself is history."

Charlie replied: "I love it the way you name-drop, it's fantastic.

"I've heard some of the songs. Your voice, it sort of works in almost all the songs. It's like Prince's Purple Rain."

Dolly cut in to scold the host: "What do you mean in almost all the songs?" before playfully hitting him on the arm.

"I'm hoping it worked in all of them."

Charlie laughed: "No, I'll rephrase that, it does work. I was thinking, 'Prince's Purple Rain with Dolly Parton, how is that going to work?' But it does and it's brilliant."

Elsewhere in the interview, Dolly explained why she doesn't get involved in politics despite one of her new singles reflecting on the world today.

"I'm not one for speaking out much on those sort of things but I woke up and said, 'I've wrote another song, we need another session,'" she recalled.

Charlie asked: "This is a message about the environment. I am fascinated, like all interviewers, you have kept your politics zipped."

"Well, that's not politics to me," Dolly replied. "I do make that statement but don't get me started on politics.

"How we live in a world like this, greedy politicians present and past wouldn't know the truth if it bit them."

Charlie probed: "Have you been tempted though over the years to get involved in politics? Because you have a very powerful voice as you're aware."

The singer explained: "I do but I use my powerful voice hopefully in the right way. I accept and love everybody. I think we get so trapped in our beliefs and our beliefs that we have to stay with a certain thought. Therefore nothing changes."

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