Woman traumatised after DNA test reveals her partner is actually her nephew

A woman is devastated after finding out the father of her children is actually her nephew through a home DNA test.

The unnamed woman’s 23-year-old partner Miguel had been abandoned as a child and bought the test to trace his lineage.

But they were sickened to discover that they were a "blood connection", according to the results.

The traumatised woman wrote on Reddit: “I just found out my boyfriend, 23, is related to me - I don't know what to do. The only people who know are me, Miguel, and my doctor.”

She added that she is currently pregnant with his second child and fears there will be something genetically “wrong with her”.

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The woman wrote: "Miguel and I have a son together, and a daughter on the way. He also just adopted my son [from a previous relationship]. My doctor told me that my relationship with Miguel was likely a result of Genetic Sexual Attraction, which occurs when you're separated from a family member who you likely never met/never remember meeting, or even just being separated for many years.”

The test revealed that Miguel is the son of Vanessa, his girlfriend's sister who ran away from home at 15 and has not contacted the family since she did.

The woman wrote: "Vanessa was a troubled child. She ran away at aged 15 and we have never heard from her since."

She added: “I have only been in two relationships. [The first being with] my baby daddy, who left me when he found out I was pregnant. He went to prison and was killed there.

"[My other was] a girlfriend who I ended it with after she went to prison [too]. We started dating after my baby daddy left, while I was pregnant. She was actually going to adopt my son but then only two days before I gave birth, she was arrested. Ever since, I have only focused on my job and son."

She later moved states with her son and she much prefers it being away from her relatives. It was here that she met Miguel, who was 20 at the time.

The woman explained: “Our relationship started as a fling but then it got serious. I ended up pregnant and had my second son, aged two, and now I'm currently seven-months pregnant. My oldest son recognises Miguel as his father."

She said: "After the DNA test, he was interested in finding his birth parents. He had the contact information at 18, but he was not interested at the time.

"Well, he was able to get his birth mother's name, Vanessa [surname removed]. I joked that my half-sister had the same name, but we looked at the medical report which gave information about Vanessa. It showed that Vanessa was a minor, aged 16, who signed away her rights and left no contact information. No father was listed."

The woman grew suspicious and later ordered her own DNA kit to work out what was going on. That is when she made the shocking discovery that changed her life forever.

She wrote: "[The DNA test] confirmed that the two Vanessa's were the same, meaning Miguel is my nephew - I feel nauseous."

She wrote: "Miguel is currently staying at a hotel but to be honest, I really want him back. After we talked, we felt the same way. I don't know what to do. I'm just so confused. We are still in love."

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