British tourists jailed after being caught using fake money in Magaluf


Three British tourists have been sentenced to two years each after being caught using fake Euros in Magaluf, Mallorca.

Initially, the prosecutor had pushed for an 11-year prison term and a hefty €2,000 fine each for the crime of introducing and circulating counterfeit currency in Spain.

However, this was lowered to only two years when the Provincial Court of the Balearic Islands' Second Section conducted a preliminary hearing where the defendants accepted a plea deal.

The defendants had brought fake €20 notes from the UK in July 2015 with the intention of using them during their Spanish holiday. 

Upon their arrival, the Brits stayed at a hotel in Magaluf, where they handed over five counterfeit €20 notes as a deposit at the reception desk, local media reported.

The Brits also attempted to use the counterfeit cash at a nightclub, however, law enforcement officers from the Guardia Civil confiscated 65 counterfeit €20 notes from them. 

All the banknotes in question were found to be fake.

A similar case took place last year when an English tourist was arrested for using counterfeit cash in Palma de Mallorca at Christmas time.

The 25-year-old was arrested by the National Police for paying with counterfeit cash to buy items from Christmas stalls in Palma. 

According to a statement released by the Balearic Islands police at the time, the man engaged in five alleged minor offences related to property and counterfeiting currency.

The employees at the stalls recognised the fake banknotes and promptly informed the stall supervisor, who then contacted the police.

Similarly, in 2019, police in Majorca arrested a family of British tourists accused of paying for their Spanish holidays with fake cash. 

The Civil Guard reported that five tourists accused of currency falsification are believed to be members of a single family, with British and Irish nationalities. 

They were arrested after a supermarket employee reported receiving an alleged counterfeit €50 note as payment for a bottle of water.

During the investigation, detectives uncovered that the relatives had approximately €400 euros in their possession, obtained by exchanging counterfeit pound notes at currency exchange offices.

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