Chocolate fans are just discovering the story behind the name Twix


Twix fans have been left stunned after the brand revealed the true story behind its iconic name.

Made by Mars, the Twix has become well known for its two bars of caramel shortbread biscuit coated in chocolate and decked out in the striking gold wrapper.

It has been a chocolate mainstay on British shelves for 55 years, but fans have been chomping through the treats without realising the name actually has a deeper meaning.

And it's all to do with the shape of the snack.

The story behind the name has come to light again after a tweet from 2018 began to resurface. 

One chocolate fan decided to ask the brand whether the story about their name was true. 

Twitter user Fooji asked: "I read that 'Twix' is short for 'twin biscuit sticks'. Can you confirm or deny this?"

Twix responded that the user was "close", but not exactly right. They clarified: "It's short for 'twin sticks'".

Fellow social media users were left floored by the news, reports The Mirror.

One person said: "You think you know everything, and then..." Someone else added: "Ashamed that at 40-years-old, this had not occurred to me."

A third commented: "I only just fund out that Twix stands for twin stix (sticks). I feel so confused about the world I thought I knew."

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