Cruise passenger slammed as ‘entitled’ for casually strolling back to ship 45 minutes late


A passenger has been slammed after she held up a cruise holiday for 45 minutes and did not seen bothered about being so late. A clip shared on TikTok shows hundreds of people at their balconies jeering at her while she makes her way up to the vessel, reported the Mirror.

The clip shared by @designsbyd1 shows the holidaymaker strolling to the ship, carrying her bags and not appearing to feel any sort of rush to get onboard, despite being so late.

The accompanying caption reads: "How do you say entitled without saying it? A lady showing up with no urgency as the cruise ship waits for her to board 45 after boarding time."

Typically, cruise ships don’t always wait for late passengers, however, rules differ between cruise lines.

At times, captains often take into account the number of people missing, planned arrival times and other factors before making the decision to leave a passenger behind.

The exception is if the cruise is on an excursion organised by the liner, in which case they will wait.

Commenting on the video, some people suggested she may have booked onto an official shore excursion, hence why the ship waited for her.

One person wrote: "If the ship was waiting it was because it was their fault she was late. They don't wait otherwise."

However, others were dubious. One cruise holidaymaker argued: "Everyone saying she must have booked her excursion through the ship... how is it on a ship that huge that only one person took that specific excursion?"

However, most of the passengers were upset about the woman’s apparently relaxed attitude as they waited for her to join. One person said "people should be fined" if they hold up a ship, while another questioned if she was close to either crew or the captain.

They suggested: "Maybe she's an important person, the audacity". Another person questioned the bravery of actually strolling around instead of running.

They wrote: "I couldn't sashay up this dock knowing allll these people were waiting for me. Wherever we docked I live there now". There were some passengers who joked her decision to walk was more of a power move to pretend she wasn't bothered by the crowds of people jeering.

One person wrote: "This would be me. I'd book a flight before running in front of people".

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