EastEnders' Demi Miller star Shana Swash speaks out on returning to soap with brother Joe


EastEnders actress Shana Swash has urged soap fans to “watch this space” for the return of Demi and Mickey Miller (played by Joe Swash).

The real-life and on-screen brother and sister duo were beloved by BBC viewers as Joe became an Albert Square regular from 2003, with his younger sibling joining him in the cast just one year later.

Many fans have been wondering whether Shana, 32, and Joe, 41, will ever reprise their roles in the soap, and the former has now exclusively told Express.co.uk that “there’s always an opportunity for us to come back”.

When quizzed on whether a return could be on the cards for the pair, Shana revealed: “Well, Joe says the same thing.

“I think if we got asked back, I think we would. But we would have to have a real, cool, Big Bang storyline.

“And we never got killed off, so there's always an opportunity for us to come back.

“So watch this space!” The actress teased.

Shana also shared that if the family members were to make a comeback, it “100 percent” would have to be as a duo.

The star explained: “We were there together and we finished together, so it would be nice to come back together.”

Shana went on to reflect on her time working on the set of EastEnders, which she looks back on fondly, after exiting the soap in 2006.

The actress divulged to Express.co.uk: “That was my springboard into the industry.

“And if it wasn't for EastEnders, then I wouldn't be doing the stuff that I'm doing now, so I'm always grateful for that.”

Shana was also surrounded by family and friends while in the cast, which made the experience even sweeter.

She continued: “And then, also, because I got to work with my family.

“My mum was my chaperone, my brother was with me, I had lots of friends that I've known from Islington that also joined the cast.

“So, for me, it was a real happy time and it taught me everything I needed to know.”

“As a 13-year-old, going to the BBC and being part of EastEnders, it's like a badge of honour,” she gushed.

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