How many episodes are in Irvine Welsh's Crime?


WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Irvine Welsh's Crime.

Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh's Crime came out on Britbox back in November 2021 and was further released on streaming service ITVX back in May.

Now it's time for fans of the novelist to enjoy the psychological thriller on mainstream TV with Crime ready to make its debut on Saturday, July 1, on ITV.

Crime tells the tale of an abduction of a young girl from Edinburgh which pushes Detective Inspector Ray Lennox (played by Dougray Scott) to his limits.

Driven by a lifelong secret of his own, Lennox is desperate to find out what happened to the girl and, if there's still time, save her.

Of course, such determination often comes at a cost and Lennox begins to lose some of the most important relationships in his life as a result.

How many episodes are in Irvine Welsh's Crime?

Irvine Welsh's Crime series consists of six episodes in total with the first episode airing on July 1.

From then on, a new instalment will be shown on ITV every Saturday with the series finale coming out on Saturday, August 5.

Alternatively, if you're eager to see how the series plays out sooner rather than later, then viewers don't have to.

As previously mentioned, Irvine Welsh's Crime has already been released on Britbox and ITVX so fans can binge-watch the entire box set on these streamers.

To be able to get access to Britbox, you must be a paying subscriber of the service, setting you back £5.99 per month.

As well as Crime and other ITV programmes, Britbox features a mix of content from the various main channels, BBC, Channel 4 and Channel 5.

But if you're not keen to sign up then viewers can instead catch up on Crime via ITVX which has a free plan.

Author Welsh previously explained that his 2008 novel was primarily brought to life thanks to the star behind Lennox.

"It all came about with Dougray [Scott] really", he said.

"I met him at a function for Franck Sauzee, the Hibs player, he read Crime and he was saying that Lennox was the character he was born to play.

"It became a passion project for him to get it filmed. We went through quite a lot of producers, and we almost got there a few times looking at it as a feature film.

"We switched to TV, and it was a great move because there’s a lot in the story and the character that you can bring out."

Irvine Welsh's Crime is available on ITVX.

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