'I got DNA test for fun - but destroyed my parents' 33-year marriage in seconds'


A man has been left disconsolate after “destroying” his parents’ 33-year marriage, after purchasing a DNA testing kit.

The man ordered two kits, one for him and another for his Dad, as the website was selling them at an almost 50 percent discount.

The son, having had a keen interest in genealogy for a long time, was excited to learn about his “ancestry composition”.

Taking to the social platform Reddit, he wrote: “I ordered myself and my dad a kit when they were on sale and we received our results a couple of days ago.

“My mother has never really been interested in genealogy or DNA stuff so I didn’t tell her about it. The first thing my dad and I did was compare our ancestry composition and I noticed it was a bit... off to say the least.

“He is highly British and Irish (most strongly connected to the UK) with a small bit of French and German. I am mostly Scandinavian (most strongly connected to Sweden) with over a quarter French and German and some Italian.”

Confused at the results, the father-son duo checked their DNA relatives and came to a stunning realisation; they were not related.

The distraught son added: “He didn’t pop up on mine and I didn’t pop up on his.

“There was a half sibling (sharing 26.3 percent) and father match, however. I began freaking out and my dad got so angry.

“My mum came home and he confronted her about it. She lost it and admitted she knew I was some other man’s child all along and would’ve tried to stop us had she known we got the tests. They are now divorcing which sucks. He’s now wondering if my two younger siblings are his or not.”

Commenting on his post, one user said: “Oh dear. I am so sorry this is happening in your family. What are your next steps? Has your father (the one who raised you) shared his feelings on his relationship with you? Will you be contacting your birth father and/or half-sibling? This is heartbreaking for your family. Again, I'm so sorry.”

Another user added: “Your parents are not divorcing because of your results. Your parents are divorcing because your mother has lied to your father for decades and cheated on your father. They were not as happily married as you thought.”

A third user said: “Looks like the monkey branch she was swinging from long ago finally rotted and snapped, leaving her to fall face-first into a messy divorce. Good for your dad!”

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