KFC customer will 'never' eat there again after finding cockroach 'alive and moving'


A KFC customer has told of the disturbing moment he found a crawling cockroach in his meal.

Josh Hanbury, 29, was dining at one of the restaurant chain's locations in Newport, south Wales when he made the disgusting discovery in his popcorn chicken box.

His experience with the box, part of the £15 Zinger Tower Meal, has persuaded him to never return.

Speaking to Wales Online, Mr Hanbury said he was nearly finished with the meal when he saw the insect.

He said he was eating in his car and putting the "last three pieces" of chicken into his mouth when he "saw something moving in the bottom of the box".

He quickly realised it was a cockroach and said he "instantly felt sick", so much so he "didn't want to finish the meal".

The customer claimed to the publication that the bug was "alive and moving" at the bottom of his meal box.

He explained that the discovery prompted him to storm back into the store and ask for a manager.

But he said they didn't refund his order, leaving him "frustrated", and was instead offered "more food" which he didn’t eat.

Mr Hanbury said he "hardly ever" eats at KFC but that the experience was the first that had "ever happened to me".

He told Wales Online that he had decided "100 percent" that he was "never eating from there again".

A spokesman for KFC said the chain could not understand how the insect had survived the cooking process.

And they offered an apology while insisting the restaurant's meals are all freshly prepared.

A KFC spokesperson said the chain couldn't understand how the creature would have survived the cooking process and apologised to the man.

They said: "We must admit we were surprised by this image… Our chicken is freshly prepared, cooked at 365 degrees and served soon after so it'd be quite something to survive that.

"We have very strict hygiene and quality processes at our restaurants and the Newport restaurant has a five-star EHO rating, but we’d love Josh to get in touch to fully understand how this happened so we can investigate and help make it right."

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