Man Utd takeover LIVE: Sheikh Jassim could be mistaken as Sir Jim Ratcliffe takes action


While Sheikh Jassim apparently feels in control of the saga, he could be mistaken because Sir Jim Ratcliffe feels he still has a chance.

“At the moment, nothing is progressing on the INEOS side even though it hasn’t been communicated to them that they’re formally out of the race,” Ben Jacobs told GiveMeSport in a separate interview.

“In fact, quite the opposite. Many insiders are adamant that they’re still there.

“So, this would also suggest that Qatar can be somewhat more positive, but also sceptical because they’re in the dark as to the Glazers' intentions.

“So, from Qatar’s perspective, they either think they’re going to win or it will be a no sale and from Ratcliffe’s perspective, the group are going to have to work out how they can get Board approval, if they are to proceed.

“Otherwise, they could be out of the race."