Man who stole motorbike and was bitten by police dog 'taking action' against police


Sonnie Stow has been jailed for four-and-a-half years

Sonnie Stow has been jailed for four-and-a-half years (Image: Humberside Police)

Sonnie Stow, a known criminal, suffered multiple injuries including a broken leg, an open wound, and muscle damage, requiring extensive medical treatment.

Stow and his accomplice, Dawid Kajzer, were riding a stolen motorcycle in Orchard Park after being involved in an attempted robbery earlier that resulted in a severe leg fracture for the victim. Both Stow and Kajzer pleaded guilty to their crimes.

Rachel Scott, prosecuting, said Stow and Kajzer stole a Benelli 125cc motorcycle from a multi-story car park near the Bonus Arena in Hull. Stow was later seen riding it near Burger King at Willerby Hill business park, with Kajzer as the pillion passenger.

At that time, three other individuals on bikes were also present. Kajzer sat on the bike of a man who was inside Burger King, prompting the owner to intervene. Stow blocked the man's path and threatened him while Kajzer got off the bike, causing it to fall on his leg and leaving him with a "nasty" fracture.

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Dawid Kajzer was sent to a young offenders' institution for six years

Dawid Kajzer was sent to a young offenders' institution for six years (Image: Humberside Police)

The man later said the incident had left him anxious and scared to take his bike out. It was his only means of transport to get to and from work and the injury he received meant he could not work.

The police later spotted the stolen motorcycle with Stow and Kajzer on Clough Road. The pair attempted to evade the police by speeding along footpaths and the wrong side of the road.

They eventually ended up in Orchard Park estate, where Stow continued to elude the police by riding on footpaths and grassed areas. However, the police ultimately stopped the motorcycle by tactically knocking into it. Stow was apprehended by a police dog, while Kajzer was arrested at the scene.

In a separate incident, Kajzer was involved in a "ram-raid" burglary with six other individuals, targeting a Bargain Booze store in Cottingham. The raiders wore balaclavas and used a vehicle to ram the store's shutters and windows.

They stole items worth approximately £15,000 and caused £20,000 worth of damage. The store had to remain closed for several weeks, resulting in a significant financial loss.

Raiders stole items worth approximately £15,000

Raiders stole items worth approximately £15,000 (Image: Duncan Young)

Miss Scott said it was the only place in the area where people could pay for gas and electricity and a manager had said, if it had been an independent shop, it was unlikely it would have reopened. Blood found on the floor was traced to Kajzer.

Stow has convictions for 51 previous offences, including robbery and burglaries. He had previously been sentenced to jail in July 2019 for dangerous driving and driving while disqualified. He was also jailed for a year last September for possessing a blade and affray.

Kajzer also had multiple convictions, 15, including domestic burglaries and vehicle theft. He had previously served a two and a half year custodial sentence for burglary and taking a vehicle without consent.

During the court proceedings, Stow expressed remorse for his actions and acknowledged his role in the attempted robbery.

Julia Baggs, mitigating, said: "He is very sorry for the injury that was caused. It was not a planned incident."

He accepted responsibility for the injury caused to the victim and recognised the seriousness of his driving behaviour.

Stow suffered significant injuries during the police chase, including dog bites and a need for reconstructive surgery.

Miss Baggs said: "He accepts that it was an appalling piece of driving. He could have seriously hurt someone."

Stow suffered injuries including a significant dog bite to the abdomen, and more to his upper arms and legs. He was left with an open wound that needed regular dressing and required stitches. He also needs a skin graft and muscle reconstruction. Legal action against the police was being pursued.

Kajzer's defence Cathy Kioko-Gilligan highlighted the challenging circumstances he faced, including being on a curfew which disrupted his family life and eventually led to homelessness.

However, they acknowledged that this was not an excuse for his behaviour and stated that Kajzer wanted to change his ways and avoid further involvement with the criminal justice system.

Both Stow and Kajzer were facing the consequences of their actions and hoped to turn their lives around to avoid a cycle of repeated offences and longer sentences.

Miss Kioko-Gilligan said: "He turned back to his old ways. He had no money, no accommodation and no support. That's no excuse for his behaviour. He thinks he has seen the light.

"He wants to turn a corner. He is no stranger to the courts. He now acknowledges that his behaviour will just see him in that revolving door of being released and returning to the courts and serving ever longer sentences, something he wants to avoid.

"He is a bright lad and wants to return to education. He wants to make a good life for himself and put all this offending behind him."

Recorder Jason Pitter KC said of the attempted robbery: "There was serious physical harm caused in this case." He said of the shop burglary involving Kajzer that it was an "orchestrated and frenzied" raid.

Stow was jailed for four-and-a-half years and was banned from driving for three years and three months.

Kajzer was sent to a young offenders' institution for six years and was banned from driving for four years.

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