Moment academic pulls down anti-LTN poster sparking questions over her 'independence'


Dr Anna Goodman on CCTV tearing down an anti-LTN poster

Shocking new footage has captured an academic who wrote “independent” reviews in favour of low-traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) tearing down an anti-LTN poster, sparking concerns that those hired to assess the necessity of LTNs may actually be campaigners for them.

Dr Anna Goodman was caught on CCTV in a shop in West Dulwich near her home in south London removing a poster criticising LTNs, after having a quick look round to see if anyone was watching.

Residents in the area are now up in arms, suggesting the academics paid by the government to decide whether LTNs were a good idea or not are actually campaigners for the cause.

According to TFL, LTNs have been around since the 1970s and are designed to improve air quality and make roads quieter.

They prioritise pedestrians and cyclists over cars but have angered motorists across the country.

Dr Anna Goodman was caught pulling down an anti-LTN poster

Dr Anna Goodman was caught pulling down an anti-LTN poste (Image: -)

It appears that the poster may have been put up by companies opposed to the scheme, encouraging people to respond to Lambeth council’s consultation on it.

The poster was titled “Just Say No!” and claimed that the LTN could worsen congestion and pollution.

It was also claimed businesses will be impacted by the reduction in footfall on certain roads.

Dr Goodman’s academic specialism is in “evaluating sustainable transport interventions”.

Dr Goodman took the poster and left the shop

Dr Goodman took the poster and left the shop (Image: -)

She recently took part in a University of Westminster study, which received £1.5 million from the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).

The description of the study read: “The study will look at whether the LTNs have increased levels of walking and cycling, whether the diversity of people walking and cycling changes, and any impacts they have on road injuries and air pollution.

“The research will explore local people's experiences of travelling around the LTNs, including any specific impacts on disabled people's journeys and how any disbenefits may be mitigated.”

The clip was shared via WhatsApp captioned with the message: “Wanted! Please watch this video and tell your staff to be careful about this woman. She is taking all the flyers down.

Dr Goodman became aware of the video circulating and, according to The Telegraph, replied: “Yes, that is me – sorry, was stupid of me to take the poster. Have returned it to shopkeeper and apologised – sorry also to you (Haven't touched any other posters), Anna.”

In the face of calls for her to be removed from the scheme, Dr Goodman told The Telegraph: “[The local people] who I’m sure, even if we hold opposing views, genuinely care every bit as much as me about doing what’s best for their local area”.