‘My wife went for a quick nap and minutes later she was dead’


A husband has spoken about how his wife tragically died within minutes of going for a quick nap.

Patrick O’Sullivan’s wife Geraldine, 65, died from a catastrophic bleed on the brain last year.

Mr O'Sullivan, 67, said although his wife’s death was a shock he was comforted by her final selfless act.

Following her death, Mrs O'Sullivan donated both her kidneys and liver, saving the lives of others.

He has spoken about his wife’s final moments and the feeling he gets from knowing she has saved others.

Speaking to the Mirror, he said: "Geraldine’s death was a shock to everyone as she passed away so suddenly.

"The day she died, we were out shopping all day and when we came home, we decided to have a cup of tea in the garden.

"Geraldine started complaining of a bad headache, so I got her some tablets, and she went to rest on the sofa.

"Minutes later I saw her having a seizure, so I called 999 and within 20 minutes the ambulance whisked her to Cardiff Hospital."

A CT scan found a bleed on the brain and the pressure from it had caused a second bleed which was inoperable and not survivable.

The couple had signed up to the NHS Organ Donor Register years before and had been adamant about the decision.

He said: "We have found comfort in knowing her organs were donated. Geraldine worked in a hospital, she was a caring person and she helped someone right to the end."

He added that everyone should agree to honour their loved one’s decision. He said: "Do it. Do it. We knew it was what Geraldine and the family wanted. It’s nice to know people are alive because we honoured Geraldine’s decision."

The couple's story follows that of Janet Mills who died from a brain haemorrhage in September 2022.

Like others, she had joined Organ Donor Register. David Brown, her brother, said: "The doctor explained how some good could come out of this awful situation, and her husband Pete’s response was absolutely, yes."

Janet donated her liver and kidneys and at her funeral, a small wreath of red flowers was laid on her coffin with a message.

It said: "For giving fresh hope, we are all so proud of you."

David added: "Knowing some good could come out of Janet’s death brought great comfort to us.

"The donation has helped with the grief. We have this image of somebody waiting for a kidney who has been through hell suddenly being able to lead a normal life again, and that is a good feeling."

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