Only the sharpest minds will spot all seven differences in these two pictures


Fancy yourself as a brainteaser champion? A quizmaster extraordinaire? Well why take a look at this chin-scratching challenge and really put your grey matter to the test?

Gergely Dudás' is a Hungarian artist famous for creating adorable cartoon scenes featuring playful animals. However his work isn't just great to look at, his art often features subtle differences that only the keenest of eyes can spot.

In these similar scenes, Dudás has created two picnics featuring animals eating and buying ice cream, kicking balls around and basking in the summer sun.

However, there are seven differences between them. It's not immediately obvious what those differences are and only the sharpest minds will spot them. The one on the left is the original and the one on the right has seven changes made to it.

Think you're up to the task? Scroll down and see if you can spot the differences.

Did you spot the seven differences? If not, no problem!

Here are some clues...

Think about the ice creams the furry friends are holding. How many scoops have they got? What flavours do they appear to be?

In all there are three differences related to the ice creams on display.

If you need another clue, have a look at the ice cream stall, are there any differences you can spot there?

Next, try and see whether or not all the animals are the same. Are there the same number of animals? Are they all looking the same way?

What about the 'Can you spot all seven differences?' banner itself? Is there anything of note there?

But first, if you want to know the answers to this test, scroll down...

Answer One: The dash in the "Ice-Cream" sign disappears.

Answer Two: The rabbit in the bottom left corner has one more scoop of ice cream.

Answer Three: The rabbit at the top slightly left of center faces a different direction.

Answer Four: "Differences" is missing an "f."

Answer Five: The bear in the top right corner has one less scoop of ice cream.

Answer Six: The pattern of stripes on the awning changes, starting with a white stripe instead of red.

Answer Seven: The rabbit towards the bottom right is holding ice cream.

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