Outraged mum is 'disgusted' as her son's school locks loos in new trial


A mother from Plymouth has expressed her outrage after her son walked home from school stating that he was locked out of the school restroom.

Victoria Rixon's son, a pupil at Hele's School in Plympton, returned home earlier than usual, and when questioned why, he stated that he was in severe discomfort and wanted to use the loo immediately.

Victoria enquired as to why he was not permitted to use the school lavatory, and upon finding that he had been denied she has granted him permission to leave class to use the toilet at home.

This incident occurred as part of Hele's School's new trial, which involves locking all bathrooms across the school during lesson time, with the exception of those in the maths block.

While Hele's School has stated that it cannot disclose detailed specifics about individual incidents, it did promise that no child would ever be refused access to the lavatory in an emergency.

The school emphasised the "primary concern remains the welfare and comfort of every student".

Victoria expressed her displeasure with the enforced adjustments, describing her reaction as "disgusted."

While the bathrooms in the maths block remain open, students are being watched by a staff member, which she worries may make some students uncomfortable.

According to Victoria, the school deprives youngsters of their fundamental right to address their "natural functions."

In response to these concerns, the school's principal, Mrs Justine Mason, indicated that the new bathroom policy trial was launched based on student feedback.

Mrs Mason described the adjustments in a letter to parents that was delivered on Friday.

Concerns had been expressed about the behaviour of a small group of kids who were creating an unpleasant environment for others, including incidents of vaping in the lavatory, according to the principal.

However, Victoria stated that the new precautions have made her child concerned about drinking enough water, especially in hot weather, because he is unable to use the restroom during class.

Victoria said: "My personal story begins with my own children attending a local secondary school in Devon.

"For almost two years now, they have been consistently refused permission to use the toilet during lessons.

"This denial has forced them to endure uncomfortable situations with an urgent need to relieve themselves."

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