Reggiana fans in revolt over Portanova signing


(ANSA) - ROME, JUL 19 - A number of Reggiana have threatened to return their season tickets after the promoted Serie B side announced that they have signed midfielder Manolo Portanova on loan from Genoa.
    The 23-year-old is appealing against a six-year prison term for gang rape.
    He was convicted last year of involvement in the gang rape of a young woman in an apartment in Siena in May 2021.
    He says he is innocent and the appeal trial is scheduled to start in November.
    He has already joined his new team mates at the Reggio Emilia club.
    A number of politicians have expressed concern about the move.
    The city council said: "we respect the assumption of innocence until proven guilty, but we also understand the negative reaction as the culture of non-violence is strong in this city".
    In Italy convictions are not considered definitive until the appeals process has been exhausted.
    Genoa, who won promotion from Serie B to Serie A last season, were in talks to loan Portanova to Bari during the January transfer window but the move fell through because of protests by the southern side's supporters. (ANSA).

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