The rare 50p coin that could be worth over 140 times its face value


A rare 50p coin worth over 140 times its face value could unknowingly be sat in your pocket.

Only 109,000 copies of the coin were ever minted, making it even rarer than the famous Kew Gardens 50p, which can regularly be listed on auction sites for triple figures.

The EU Presidency 50p is saught after by collectors for having a rare double date. Traditionally, British coins have just one year when they were made stamped onto them.

It is also thicker than the current 50p template introduced in 1997, meaning it is no longer in regular circulation.

According to The Sun, anyone with the coin could have problems trying to use it in vending machines, self-service checkouts or parking machines.

But with its marketplace value exceeding its face value by so much, landing your hands on the coin could be your lucky day. Designed to celebrate the UK's presidency of the European Council, it can sell for up to £70 online.

Designed by Mary Milner Dickens, the coin features a conference table surrounded by twelve chairs, all seen from above. The table is studded with twelve stars, symbolising each of the members of the EEC at the time.

The rarest coin still in circulation is the Kew Gardens 50p. It can sell for upwards of £280 on eBay.

It features the Chinese Pagoda at the London landmark of the same name. Just 210,000 were released into circulation.

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