The UK neighbourhoods where posties are most likely to be attacked by dogs


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The Royal Mail say there has been a rise in dog attacks on postal workers (Image: Getty)

New data suggests the number of postmen and postwomen being attacked by dogs is on the rise.

Figures released by the Royal Mail show a 15 percent increase in the number of personnel being attacked.

The announcement comes at the start of Dog Awareness Week at a time when dog attacks, both on members of the postal service and civilians are happening more often.

According to the latest figures, some towns are more dangerous than others when it comes to dogs attacking members of the postal service.

One town has seen dog attacks rise by an astonishing 48 percent since last year.

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Tunbridge Wells had the highest levels of dog attacks on posties in 2022 (Image: Getty)

According to data released by the Royal Mail, Tunbridge Wells was the most dangerous place to be a postie in 2022

The Tunbridge Wells postcode had the most incidents reported last year with 65 posties falling victim to dog attacks, representing a 48 percent increase.

This year will mark the ninth consecutive year that the postcode has featured in the top 10 for dog attacks and is the first time it has topped the Royal Mail’s charts.

Closely following Tunbridge Wells was Belfast, Northern Ireland, which recorded 56 dog attacks, a 12 percent increase on last year, and the second time it has come second in Royal Mail’s list.

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The Royal Mail is concerned about the rise in the number of attacks (Image: Getty)

As dog attacks on postal workers increase, Royal Mail is appealing to dog owners to make sure they understand the devastating impact a dog attack can have.

They say that some of their workers have been left with severe injuries as a result of their horrific experiences.

They added that owners should take proper measures to ensure their pets pose no threat to postal workers.

As part of the campaign, one postal worker, Kimberley, 50, shared details of the devastating consequences of her attack in July 2022.

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One postwoman said they had been left with permanent damage after a dog attack (Image: Getty)

Kimberley said: “I’ve now got bad scarring on my elbow and a large patch where I have no feeling or sensation due to the skin graft.

“I’ve also got permanent nerve damage to my hand so I can’t grip my hand properly. I was off work for six months.

“When I returned there was a management position available so I decided to take it – I couldn’t have faced going back on that round.

“My message to any customer who owns a dog it would be to never assume that their dog is going to be alright when strangers come to the door.”

In a statement, the Health & Safety Director of the Royal Mail, Lizz Lloyd, said: “We are concerned to see attacks on our staff have increased this year.

“We know the number of attacks rises during the school holidays and in the summer months when parents and children are at home and dogs are sometimes allowed unsupervised in the garden or out onto the streets without restraints.

“So, while we want our customers to enjoy being outside with their pets, we also want to ask them to consider the danger unsupervised dogs pose to our colleagues.”

Dog Awareness Week was launched by the Royal Mail as a way to reduce dog attacks on staff and to encourage responsible dog ownership.

The Top 10 postcodes for attacks on posties:

  1. TN (Tunbridge Wells)
  2. BT (Belfast)
  3. S (Sheffield)
  4. PO (Portsmouth)
  5. BS (Bristol)
  6. SA (Swansea)
  7. EX (Exeter)
  8. NG (Nottingham)
  9. BN (Brighton)/OX (Oxford) - both were in joint ninth place