TikTok 'menace' Mizzy under fire for terrorising shopkeeper and trashing store


TikTok "menace" Mizzy has been criticised for his latest video in which he terrorises a shopkeeper and appears to trash his store while telling his fans "reality is an illusion".

Mizzy, real name Bacari-Bronze O'Garro, is joined by a group as he appears to pull merchandise off the shelves of a London convenience store in his latest "prank".

It comes just weeks after cops took no action against his latest home invasion stunt. The 18-year-old had previously been made subject of a two-year criminal behaviour order preventing him from posting social media content involving people without their consent.

Mizzy's latest video shows what appears to be a shocked shopworker watching on as a group pile items on the floor and leave what looks like a trail of destruction.

Addressing the camera, Mizzy says "reality is an illusion bro," while appearing to push over stock. The "prankster" is surrounded by a group of beige-clad figures.

Social media users have been left unimpressed by the latest stunt. One said: "This behaviour is so draining to watch. What exactly are youths learning from this."

Another added: "Crabs in a bucket mentality.

Having to bring negativity to other people and their businesses that they probably ruthlessly worked years for, just so you can gain something positive the likes and views. This guy could of been having the worst day of his life and you and a group of people come and terrorise him."

The content creator hit headlines when was issued with a community protection notice last year to stop him from trespassing in people's homes.

But admitted breaching it in May when he filmed himself entering a family's home, walking into their living room, and asking if a study group was meeting there.

The family told the court at the time they believed it was an attempted burglary. The TikToker was fined as well as being issued with the criminal behaviour order.

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